Lil Bit-O-Goldens

English Golden Retrievers

Litters planned for Spring/Summer 2023!

See Upcoming Litters page for more info!

Lil Bit-O-Goldens started over 30 years ago when I bought my husband our very first Golden Retriever as a Christmas present.  My husband had always wanted a Golden Retriever, while I preferred Collie's.  After having a Golden, nothing else has quite compared..

I became a hobby breeder of the American Golden Retriever's until about 17 years ago when I discovered the English Golden Retriever.  After searching and learning more about the English Golden's, I finally decided to purchase one.  After being on a waiting list for almost 3 years, I finally got my very first English Golden from The Netherlands.  I never thought that you could ask for a better dog then the American Golden's, until I received my English girl.  Since then I have switched my focus to raising the English type Goldens.

My main goal is to raise healthy, good tempered, family pets with the potential to be excellent show and/or breeding dogs. All puppies are born in my home and are handled daily from the time they are born to the time they go to their new homes.  I have several grandchildren who come around frequently (more so when we have puppies, and here I thought they came to visit me!) that love to play with and help socialize our puppies.

I have been a board member of Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog since it was founded in 2005.  Vest-A-Dog is a non-profit (tax deductible) organization that raises money to buy bullet proof vest for K9 Officers.  Vest-A-Dog has helped vest over 180+ dogs in Wisconsin, with many more still in need of these vest that help save their lives.

Summit - 

Celiac Detection 

and Therapy Dog

Summit is one of Leila and Wyatt's puppies from their September 2018 litter.  He has only been in his new home for just a few short weeks but has mastered so much already thanks to his great new mom, Payton.  Payton is training Summit to be a Celiac Detection and Therapy Dog.  You can follow Summit and Payton's journey on Instagram by searching for SummitTheEnglishGolden!